Cryptocurrency Taxes: The Ultimate Guide to Filing with the IRS (And How To LEGALLY Avoid Paying Them!) +Trading Tools

Are you inclined towards the crypto currency trading? With you reading this write-up, I assume that you are. Crypto-currencies have been commanding a major position in the virtual financial realm. More and more people are getting fascinated with these digital fortunes due to their flexibility and lucidity. It has hence, necessitated the government agencies to pay stringent watch over crypto dealings and impose crypto taxes on the earnings.

I have tried elucidating a comprehensive guidance on tax filing with Internal Revenue Service using the crypto tax software. I have further provided tips on how you can avert tax payments on crypto currencies by legal means. Lastly, some of the tips for selecting reliable crypto trading software will also be discussed. Let us now begin the discussion!

Steps on how to file your crypto tax with the IRS

Do not panic regarding your crypto tax filing since you can have ready access to crypto software. It will do all the necessary record compilation on your behalf. Follow the steps provided below for achieving a super convenient tax filing with IRS.

Step1. Firstly, you are required to import all your crypto trading details to the software you are using.
Step2. The next step is the addition of outgoing and incoming transactions taking place all throughout the year.
Step3. Finally, you will have to choose a specific financial year for which you intend to generate the result. You will be provided with important reports and these are
● Long and short term sale
● Income report on crypto currencies
● Report on audit trial
● End Year positional report

After you have downloaded the documents, you can either opt for manual tax filing or take the help of the relevant software. It is recommended that use automated tax filing to prevent any grave error. Use of crypto tax software will introduce you to the end number of benefits that these applications have to offer you. Facilitation of easy tax document record keeping will not only improve your experience but also keep you in good books of the IRS authority.

How can you avoid paying taxes by legal means?

Your frustration is understandable if half of your hard earned money is getting deducted as taxes. You need not panic as it is not the end of the world. There is solution on how you can escape the tax payment by abiding with the legitimate rules. Some of the tips are given for your awareness.

Take the advantage of IRA Roth

Be an intelligent investor and rip the benefit of your IRA Roth retirement scheme. The plan allows tax deferral to its account holders. Since crypto currencies are considered to be properties, these can be held or sold using the Roth retirement account.

Every deal in gains and incomes via this special account invites no tax deduction. Therefore, you can be unhesitant to purchase the crypto currencies within an IRA Roth and avoid paying capital gain taxes absolutely legally. You will no more be required to feel heart in your mouth on hearing the names of crypto and taxes.

No tax under International Life Insurance Policy

Set up an international life insurance policy and eliminate paying of crypto taxes. Sounds intriguing? Then let me elaborate on it a little further. By establishing of an offshore life insurance you can buy crypto currency under it. The tax exemption benefit entailed in it is same as an IRA account, that is, you are not required to pay taxes.

However it is only till there is no closing out of either policy or the disbursement. It does not end here; there is another tantalizing utility of this scheme. If a policy is kept existent till the holder’s demise, it will get handed over to his offspring without any liability of tax payment.

Be a Puerto Rica resident

If you are a crypto fanatic, then you can consider becoming a Puerto Rico resident. Several investors have set their residencies in this land in order to avoid paying of taxes. As per the 933 Section of IRC, every American citizen is subject to tax payment for their global income, with Puerto Rico as the singular exception. In order to attain the eligibility you are required to live for a minimum number of 183 days on the island nation. On earning the eligibility you will no more be required to pay either crypto mining tax or trading tax.

Be a smart investor by using the right trading and tax tools

You can find various types of tools available in the commercial market that facilitates trading in crypto currencies. Some of the important instruments are managing portfolio, exchanges and advanced analysis tools for professional crypto trading. So, choose an online platform that provides you access to all these essential trading tools.

If you deal in crypto currencies, crypto taxes will tag along with them. Hence, there is no point avoiding it, so, embrace it. Opt for well-reviewed crypto taxing software. For an instance, if you carry out deals in bitcoins, then get acquainted with software bitcoin taxes review. It will help you immensely in an efficient document consolidation and tax filing.

Discussions and tips shared in this article will help you building your own smart strategy when dealing with crypto-currencies. With the right trading tools at your disposal, you can earn substantially from this lucrative investment.

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